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Why do Realtors host open houses? The number one reason is to promote themselves and not the home. True qualified buyers are not driving around looking for sticks on lawns. They have a Realtor searching for them and doing all the ground work. 

When I've hosted open houses, all I get coming through are nosy neighbours and tire kickers. There have also been a host of stories lately about robberies at open houses. I've seen situations where the agent at the open house sat on their laptop in the kitchen while people freely wandered through the home totally unaccompanied.

If open houses truly had any value, why hire a Realtor? Put a couple of signs on the corner yourself and voila your home is sold!

That is not to say if my sellers insist on an open house I won't do it as I am happy to promote my name in the neighbourhood.

My suggestion is to think long and hard as to whether you want perfect strangers having access to your home.


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