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There's been a lot of negative press lately regarding buyers who were stuck in agreements they didn't understand.

Here's my advice on the subject:


I do not like long term buyer agency agreements. In fact, I do not ask my buyers to sign one until we find the right home and then, the term is only valid until the deal is firm. In other words I work by mutual trust. Signing one of these agreements at your first meeting locks you in to a virtual stranger for a significant period of time and is of little value to you in spite of the rhetoric you may hear.
The best comparison I can think of is going on a blind date and having your potential suitor demand that you agree to marry them prior to the date.
This is not to say that you shouldn't show loyalty once you've found a capable agent. Buyers that end up dealing with the flavour of the week end up with a poor taste in their mouths. My advice ? If someone jams a buyer agency agreement in your face at the first meeting, run, don't walk to the nearest exit.


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